Elimar High School: Who We Are


Elimar High School“Elimar High School is an institution that provides preschool, I and II Grade, Foreign Language and complementary education  where the students are given the opportunity to learn and become creative, critical, and participatory individuals; Able to enter the working field knowing the new technologies, respecting the values ​​and harmonizing their integral, ethical and aesthetic development with our idiosyncrasy”

We believe that children should be entitled to better academic formation for their future


“ At Elimar High School, our vision is to be an institution committed to the education of learners who are open to the changes that are required for the success of the implementation of new educational policies, through the teamwork of administrative staff , Teachers, learners, parents, caregivers, and the community in general; For the integral formation of the students, contributing to the improvement of their quality of life, for obtaining citizens respectful of values ​​in harmony with their natural and social-cultural environment …”

Elimar High School, Nosara Guanacaste